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We are a specialist and experienced innovation consultancy


Our Expertise

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Rapid Prototyping Services

STL Technology has the capability to quickly and reliably deliver simulation and modelling solutions. Drawing on the extensive experience of our engineering team and consultants, we work with clients to develop virtual copies of their products or processes. These can be used to rapidly improve performance without the need for real-world testing.  

Strong Internal Capability

We can apply our extensive pool of engineering talent to novel ideas that emerge within your organisation but cannot be developed internally, allowing your business to more effectively manage the risks associated with development. By consulting STL, you can remove roadblocks to innovation and inject transformative knowledge directly into your organisation.

Wide External Network

Our ability to draw on our wide network of highly experienced consultants can re-shape your organisation and operational structures. By providing flexible innovation on demand your organisation’s resources are freed up, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business such as end user engagement.


Our Projects

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Our Team

STL Tech is a technology development company focused on supporting innovation in advanced engineering industries covering aerospace, automotive, space, renewables and the marine sectors. The firm’s expertise lies in its growing resources in the field of condition and structural health monitoring, software, simulation and modelling.

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opportunities to deliver innovation

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We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. Feel free to explore our jobs, or if you think you can show us what we’re missing, please get in touch with us.

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