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An innovative leak monitoring and detection system to enable Malaysia to reduce clean water wasted from distribution networks.

HiLeak is STL’s flagship Innovate UK funded project, to be delivered in collaboration with The Welding Institute (TWI), Brunel University London and Malaysian industry partners. HiLeak will provide an automatic, Internet of Things-enabled system for continuous leak detection and structural health assessment of water-filled PE pipes. HiLeak will use a series of collars at intervals along pipes, which 'listen' for cracks developing using acoustic emission and ultrasound-based sensing. The wireless sensor network will be supported by cloud-based data collection/storage and artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven data analysis. HiLeak will revolutionise Malaysia's water distribution network, allowing for preventive maintenance and the allocation of human resource to sites of known leaks as soon as they occur, helping to reduce the 26% of water currently lost from pipes.